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Birmingham Cash Registers - Our Services

With the increase and improvements to the current EPoS industry, it may be that you are not up to date with what you can do with your business and how an EPoS system can optimise your business and support all aspects of your operations, from stock deliveries to monitoring your customer's purchase history and rewarding them appropriately, the industry has came a long way and it might be that you're not aware of what you can currently do that improves your business work flow.


Do not worry if you are not up to date with technology as that is what we are here for. We can take in what you need and analyse it across many of our solutions, dependant on your requirements and find the most efficient solution for you.

We will aim to exceed your expectations with our services, as not only do we install your system in your business for you, but we will also make sure you know exactly what you need to do to operate your system to the full potential, as we will offer training to your staff as well as exclusive training for you to make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

We also have available support plans and maintenance that can re-assure up-time for your business on a daily basis.


Market Sectors:​

  • Sports & Societies - We provide solutions for those in Sports & Social clubs, such as cashless systems, rewarding your current members.

  • Hospitality & Leisure - We provide solutions for those in Hospitality & Leisure, such as membership cards (fitness member) to table bookings.

  • Retail - We provide solutions for those in Retail, such as scanning systems, stock analysing, anything that makes your business flow easier.

We've also provided for mobile vans, such as hot-dog stands and burger stands. so if you don't see your market sector here or have a unique business idea, don't worry. We'll do our best to help you out.

  • Payment Terminals – Includes Contactless & Apple Pay

  • Kitchen Screens & Printers - Real Time Kitchen Monitoring

  • Loyalty & Membership - Give back to your loyal customers

  • Cashless Catering - Drop the cash, start using our card systems.

  • Maintenance & Support Plans - If you have a system currently with no support or simply want to assure your current system

  • Complete EPOS Systems - Packages to suit you at a low cost, including printer, cash drawer & the till system.

  • Touch Screen Cash Registers - Have your business looking stylish and working simultaneously with our touch screen cash registers

  • Stock Analysis - Optimise your stock analytics with our back office software, never again misjudge your stock.

  • Kitchen Supplies - Glass washers, Glass frosters, fridges, we've got you covered. We can supply & repair.

  • Till Rolls - Delivery & Collection, buy 5 get one free, 2 boxes free delivery, are a few of our deals we have on.

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