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EPOS Softwares

None of our solutions sold have on-going purchase costs/hidden costs!

We can Program/Repair majority of EPoS Softwares, even if not listed here. It is always worth an ask!

Front of house software(s):


Fidelity GPOS is used in both      retail & hospitality.


"A versatile graphical based point of sale.

You can have up to 400 screens of product and pricing information can be stored on the system including graphics as well as text descriptions. 

This graphical system drastically reduces the training time for operators and can make it virtually language independent.   

The product buttons are infinitely variable in size enabling the system to be fully customised giving almost unlimited functionality.   

On screen prompts and product information allows staff to up sell to customers and provide needed extra information. 

Back office sales reports as a standard feature of G-POS utility programming module.  

Fidelity GPOS links to popular hotel packages for convenient invoicing of customer and rooms.  

Fidelity GPOS also links to  Fidelity’s Total Control Premier back office software for powerful sales analysis and stock control."


Simple user friendly interface for operators and managers

Compatible with most scanners and retail scales

Integrated address finder and caller ID for takeaways/dry cleaners etc

Online ordering integration

Integrated card payments through Payment Sense

Stock control and detailed reporting

Deals such as ‘buy one get one free’ are easy to set up

Produces kitchen dockets and compatible with touch screen kitchen monitors


Back office software(s) (analytics, loyalty and more):

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