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Birmingham Cash Registers works hard to deliver the perfect solution to increase the operational efficiency of your business.
Let us provide the right package that meets all your requirements, to make your business more successful and profitable.

Over 38 years in the business working with large scale operations as well as independent outlets, we understand the pressures of today’s competitive environment, tailoring solutions to meet the individual needs of each and every customer. We can assist in moving your business in the right direction with our solutions.


No matter what your business is, we have a number of solutions/features which can efficiently improve your business workflow, whether this be sending items to the kitchen or letting your staff know where the customer is seated. Save time!


We Sell:
- Cash Registers
- EPoS Touch Screens
- EPoS Softwares 
- EPoS Stock Suites
- EPoS Loyalty System
- EPoS Table Ordering
- EPoS Tablets (Orders)
- Credit Card Machines
- Printers
- Label Printers
- Till Rolls
- Labels
- Scales (hanging, flat, scoop, etc)
- Glass Washers
- Ice Makers

We Offer:

- Programming (new menu, price changes, etc)

- Rentals/Hire

- Hardware Maintenance

- Software Maintenance 

- Warranty

We Repair:

- Cash Registers 

- EPoS Touch Screens

- Back Office PCs

- Printers

- Cash Drawers

- Glass washers

- Ice Makers

- Scales

- Label Printers


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135 Quinton Road West
B32 2RE

Tel:  0121 565 3131

Fax: 0121 565 3213

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Friday: 9:00am to 5:0

Saturday: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Sunday: Closed

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